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“Rodney is a speaker whose passion, commitment, and positivity literally speaks life. His profound sense of introspection, transparency, and accountability seriously resonates, but also cramps your ribs from time to time from laughter at his anecdotal messages. He’s brought significant insight and perspective to situations that has allowed me to better understand and communicate with my wife, and kids that I firmly believe has made me a better father, husband, and even a better mentor to others. Hearing him speak is nothing short of inspirational. 

Thank you, Rodney, for being so impactful and transformative Even your daily “morning motivationals” on your instagram give me life each day. Thank you, again.” -Daniel Jermaine Shakespeare

 "When I heard Rodney Kellum speak at our Dad Factor event, I felt like the men in the room heard him and identified with his experiences as a husband and father.  He was articulate and heart felt."


Thank you for giving me the opportunity!" - Joyce Whitted Georgia Center For Opportunity 

"We were blessed to work with Rodney at our inaugural Dad Factor: Presence event. His passion, consistency, and insights were highly regarded by the committee overall. Rodney shared an inspiring story of the time he had to make a tough decision between his job and his family.  He chose his family and put his family first and the rewards have been great.  His story of sacrifice was encouraging and heartfelt.  Rodney's love for his family and community service speaks volume to the kind of man he is. He would be a wonderful addition to any team and great to work with."

Carlos and Katherine Greene

Power Couples Rock

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