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From humble beginnings to a prosperous life. Rodney Kellum has discovered that his super power is speaking life into audiences. Rodney is a former Division I basketball player with a wealth of experiences and skills such as

Sales professional / Trainer

Expert customer service / Trainer

Mentor / Business Mentor


Rodney incorporates the most powerful stories to connect with every audience, keep them engaged, and fully fueled to increase their productivity and quality of work. 

Rodney speaks on topics such as. 


  • Mastering motivation - How to increase sales by tapping into personal motivators

  • Improving The Two Q's - Raising the Quantity and Quality of work for your business

  • The Morale Of The Story - Helping your company retain your best workers and reenforcing company culture


With tailored keynotes and universal relatability, Rodney will help your employees and leaders look forward to Mondays, raise morale and help raise your profits.

Rodney Kellum is based out of the Atlanta area, and is available for booking.