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Rodney Kellum is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Having had success as a former Division I Basketball player and best selling Co-Author. Rodney now captivates and educates audiences with his keynotes and talks.


Rodney’s Big three speaking topics are Sales, Service, and Fatherhood. 


Signature talks include. 


The Two Q’s - Raising your Quantity of sales by raising your Quality of service.


The Secret To Service - How the work that you do, when done well, is the highest form of service.

Foundational Fatherhood - Present and engaged Fathers are the foundation to strong families and communities.


With tailored keynotes for your organization, Rodney incorporates the most powerful stories to connect with every audience and keep them engaged. This produces tangible and measurable results for your organization


To book Rodney Kellum email

Rodney is based in Metropolitan Atlanta.

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